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Customized Support

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Strategic advice and guaranteed support levels

🟡 Gold - Premium
Dashboard, base service VM
Fully managed
Monitoring, backup
90 min response
🌐 Additional for services and VMs
⚪️ Platinum - Monitored
Windows Server VM support
Multi-location security
Disaster recovery
45 min response
🌐 Dedicated IT team
🔷 Diamond - Ultimate
Dedicated account manager
Proactively monitor, report, act
Complete failover, protection
15 min response time
🌐 Full audits, 3rd party review

✅ Core component ● 💠 Optional service ● 🌐 Add-ons

Support Levels to Meet the Needs of All Types of Clients

Clients can choose between three different levels of support for their cloud data centers. Zetacloud's basic support, which is Gold level, is provided for free for all clients that choose to be invoiced on an annual basis, which is a 18% savings on the service. If clients want greater peace of mind, or are running mission-critical services, we give them two options with higher levels of support. 

Highlights of Our SLAs for Different Support Levels

Support Features Gold Platinum Diamond
Issue Reporting Reaction Time (minutes) 90 45 15
Cloud Management Software installation and setup
Updates installation within one major release
Configuration changes, with no changes to services architecture
Configuration changes, with minor changes to services architecture
Configuration changes, with major changes to services architecture (within bounds)
Backup Setup
Multi-location, secure backup setup with data restore and rescue support
Multi-location, secure backup setup and monitoring with complete audit reports and data restore and rescue support
24/7 end-to-end infrastructure monitoring setup
24/7 end-to-end infrastructure monitoring setup and monitoring support
24x7 Incidence management
Setup of system journals (logs) collection and analysis system
Monitoring and analysis of system journals (logs)
IT services documentation development
Elaboration of infrastructure improvement suggestions
Implementation of agreed-upon infrastructure improvements
Dedicated account manager
Proactive and reactive management of security-related incidents
Periodical proactive audit of security perimeter
Security, services, VM and hardware logs monitoring