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Data Protection & Security

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Military-grade security in its DNA

Enterprise firewall & network security
Fully secure multiple networks
Resource monitoring
Internal access only networks
Encrypted disks
Secrets management vault
Encrypted, secure data back-up
Local and remote secure log backups
Security review dashboard
Restricted access
SSH/SSL/TLS secure access only
🌐 Other optional/paid security...

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Complete Data Security

Zetacloud has placed a great deal of emphasis on data security and assuring that all client data is secure, whether it's at rest, on the wire, stored in backups or on the raw disks. This focus on securing data is further complemented by assuring that only authorized users have access to only the data they need, and no more. Some of the highlights are given below.

Our datacenter OS comes with an enterprise-grade firewall and access monitoring and reporting VM that is isolated from other services.
IP Filters
Full-fledged IP filters ensured source and destination mapping is strictly defined, along with the network protocols.
Data Encryption
Support for full disk, file system and disk partition data encryption; a single key decrypts multiple other keys and ensures that all sensitive data is secured.
Access Monitoring
Robust monitoring of system access complements the authoorization and access management system, with regular audits and reporting possible
Secure Backups
Remote and local backups are fully secured with AES-256 encryption and can only be accessed when authorised by one or more entities.
Multi-location security
All nodes communicate over completely secure fata channels, whether they're in the same location or in geographically diverse locations.
Remotely stored logs
System and user activity logs are stored locally and remotely and can be accessed as needed by authorized personnel for targeted or random audits.
Security Dashboard
Realtime and consolidated reporting of user access, data access, remote connections, web activity, direct database access, among others can be implemented easily.