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Secure, Scalable & Fully-Managed
Private Cloud Infrastructure, Delivered!

Public cloud image
Eg. Amazon AWS, Google GCP, etc.
Provider manages infrastructure only
Client manages everything else
Multi-tenant, per-server provisioning
Client data stored on Provider HW
Run on fully virtualized HW resources with guarantees on peak resource use
Great service, but underperfoming hardware that has to be managed by internal IT dept with deep cloud experience
Most expensive if not managed proactively, and still requires specialized personnel to manage
Zetacloud Offering
Eg. Joyent, etc.
Zetacloud manages everything!*
Client owns or leases HW, we do the rest
Single tenant, multi-location nodes
Client data secured on own HW
Native OS is Illumnos-based*, Spin up multiple VMs as needed (see VM Types)
Best for growing entities who want flexibility of both private and public cloud without a large internal IT setup
Alignment to strategy and greatest short to long term benefits!
Hardware provisioning
Local, co-located at data centres
Client manages everything!
Client manages Internal resource needs
Single-tenant, per-server provisioning
All data secured on client HW
Choice limited by expertise of in-house resources
Best for entities with large workforce, a dedicated IT dept and experience in cloud infrastructure
Expensive internal resources needed, add'l management costs, average cost decreases over longer time frame

Focus on your core business while our experts secure and enhance your strategic IT infrastructure

For your IT infrastructure to be scalable and deliver real business value, you need to continually manage and optimize it while ensuring it meets your changing strategic needs. Do you have the resources and expertise needed to manage this in-house?

Expert management and assistance

We’ll perform all the essential tasks that you can’t or prefer not to. Leverage our services and expertise to extend your own capabilities. We provide a complete solution to businesses to help our clients set up a complete private cloud infrastructure, fully managed by us.

Our managed private cloud service enables our clients to run hardware nodes in a multitude of locations, hosting multiple services partitioned on numerous virtual machines (VMs) running any of the most common operating systems (Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows). We completely manage clients' infrastructure backed by our top-notch support. We also provide add-on services and server templates that allow clients to provision additional servers almost instantaneously.

Please browse our website to learn more about how Zetacloud helps clients, and get in touch for a free initial consultation!

What's your OS flavor?

No matter what operating system you run, we can run it more efficiently within your hardware nodes running our virtualization and monitoring services.

We have the business, operational and technical expertise to integrate multiple nodes and services across diverse geographies and you will not have to worry about having the specialized manpower needed to keep your systems humming, no matter how complex the infrastructure or business requirements.

Unified Design for Zetacloud Services

What Our Clients Can Expect From Us

What You Get
 Fully Private Managed Cloud
 99.9% Uptime
 Security & Scalability
 Worry-free service guarantee
 Greener, energy efficient system
 Reduce expenses and effort
 Custom-tailored solutions
 Save lots of time
 Redundancy & Disaster protection
What We're Great With
 Deep Cloud Expertise
 Data & Security Audits
 Fastest Incident Response
 Priority Support
 Simplify Infrastructure
 Private, Secure Network(s)
 Load & resource balancing
 Complete systems monitoring
 Infrastructure & systems analytics
What We Don't Do
 Charge more for larger hardware
 Lock you in
 Rent/Sell our own Hardware
 Bias decisions favouring cloud leaders
 Be influenced by trends
 Execute without a clear vision
 Offer short-term solutions
 Compromise on quality
 Ignore client feedback

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