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Systems Backup, Failover, Disaster Recovery & Scaling Up

Zetacloud provides complete backup services for clients. We can maintain complete, encrypted replicas of all incremental data changes on clients' cloud as well as virtual application servers and databases. These backups are usually sufficient to create clones of their servers.

Data Backup
Zetacloud can do incremental backup of all of a client's virtual application servers and cloud host servers per intervals of as little as five minutes, with each file system having a differently designated backup schedule. These backups are encrypted on the client server using a private key before being transmitted to a backup site. The backup site may be a client site and/or one or more cloud server(s) chosen by the client.
Data Recovery
All backups are marked by time, date and source of the backup. In the case of a local data loss, the system can create a clone of a local snapshot from the target time perod and this can be used to restore the target files.
In case a more complete restore is needed, then the remote encrypted backup would be downloaded to the target server (cloud or virtual) and the directory contents can then be restored.
System Clone
Complete daily system clones are stored either locally or at the remote location. Restoring these means recreating the VM (or complete server) at the target location. If this operation is to restore a server, not much else needs to be done. In case the client wishes to create a copy of a server, then certain changes will need to be made to the server (e.g., hostname, IP address, host keys, etc.) before the server can be restarted.
Disaster Recovery
Assume a case of the complete loss of a cloud server and it being replaced by another server, the client could then replicate the server(s) on the new servers by restoring clones of their VMs on the new server.
Scaling Up
In case a client wishes to scale up, or scale out a server or service by replicating it on multiple systems, this would require intervention from Zetacloud. We would ensure the data is copied correctly on all the target machines and then start these services up.