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Services & Appliances

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Core & Optional Services and Appliances

Enterprise firewall & network security
Hardware & resource monitoring
Local and remote secure log backups
Encrypted, secure data back-up
VPN-based access management 
Datacenter Management Dashboard
Management API Server
Web Server with SSL
Cloud data storage (S3 & SMB)
User AUTH provider (OpenID Connect)
Docker/container manager
PostgreSQL DB
Domain Controller & Internal DNS
Secrets data vault
🌐 Other optional/paid appliances...

✅ Core component ● 💠 Optional service ● 🌐 Add-ons

Pre-built and Custom Virtual Appliances Available

Zetacloud provides a very large number of pre-built services, appliances and tech stacks for clients that are either ready to use out-of-the-box or require some simple pre-configuration to get the client going.

Many of these guest VMs can be installed with no charge to the client while the client is doing development or testing.

In addition to the many appliances already available, Zetacloud can also build custom appliances VMs running very specific services.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, we're certain we already have what you may be looking for.